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Energy sectors is characterized by a strong internationalization, high amount of capital involved, and orders with full supply, where subcontracting represent normality. Moreover, because of a lot of issues related to the materials used and to the processing technologies, it becomes increasingly strategic to obtain information and data with continuity and precision in order to monitor the various stages of the process.
CPS supports its Customers in this sector by providing mechanical and processing skills together with a twenty-year experience in Problem Solving.
Through advanced and proven techniques of CNC programming and Project Management, CPS support its Customers ensuring the achievement of the targets with respect to quality and scheduled time, in compliance with the established budget.

General engineering

No customer is like another. The implementation of lean systems becomes the key factor in order to be able to respond quickly to the continuous evolution of the market, with the aim of satisfying increasingly more requests oriented towards the satisfaction of the end Customer marked by a strong personalization of the product.
The level of flexibility required for production processes and the consequent need to reconfigure production lines in ever faster times have become the real challenges of the metalworking industry.
CPS technical department is constantly working to ensure the best performance of its machining strategies, reduce production times and production costs, also improving the quality standard and competitive advantage offered to the end Customer.



The CPS production department, and in particular The Next Generation Technology Center, are equipped with best-in-class innovative production systems able to produce parts with a high degree of precision and finishing, starting from materials with high mechanical features such as high strength steels, titanium, Inconel and aluminum.

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A great problem solving capability

CPS D'Auria achieves the most challenging objectives of performance, quality and delivery times.

Find out how we face the most complex production tasks of the leading industrial sectors.