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Company » Industry 4.0

In full compliance with the Industry 4.0 context, CPS integrates its processes and professional skills with new digital production technologies to pursue, with continuity, the objective of improving working conditions, increasing productivity and quality. The digitalisation of industrial processes in CPS comes from the strong vocation to technological innovation, which has always inspired the company to define the growth patterns of its competitive positioning on international markets.
The introduction in CPS of significant investments in machinery and production systems is a strategic objective. The injection of "Industrial Internet of Things" technologies are driving CPS in the management of production processes according to the 4.0 paradigm. Effective interconnection of production assets and the availability, in real time, of their related plant operating data and key performance indicators, provides adequate support to the CPS’ management decision making process on the organization of manufacturing activities, rapid reconfiguration of resources and flows in order to respond to the continuous and sophisticated changes in market demands effectively.